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Twitter is changing journalism as it propels news faster

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In today’s changing world, social networks have become a major force in journalism.  Twitter is now a main source of news for millions of people.

Whether it is breaking news or local news, Twitter is an effective way to keep readers and followers in the loop, without the need for print. It is especially great for breaking news because it allows news to be posted quickly.

When Twitter first appeared, many people were unsure of the role it would have in journalism. I personally thought that Twitter was a waste of time; no one cared that you were eating lunch at a certain place or wanted to know where you were at every minute of the day. But, slowly, Twitter showed the world that it had a rightful place in journalism, and it hasn’t been the same since.

Twitter is also a good tool used in journalism schools, much like our own here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In our case, it is used to learn how to properly link to stories, to sharpen our news judgment by helping us determine what is worth tweeting and to help us establish ourselves as professionals in the way we use Twitter accounts.

In an article found on arkarthick.com just how much Twitter has affected journalism is shown in two charts, both of which display how long news took to reach readers before-Twitter and after- Twitter. The article also examines how easy it is to use and retweet information so it can spread even more, faster. The author says Twitter can no longer be defined as a social network, instead it should be classified as social Web since it connects so many people around the world so quickly.

For me, the most interesting point is that since Twitter has been around, ordinary people can tweet about events happening around them — many times before any news outlets get to it. The idea that anyone can contribute to local journalism is empowering to many.

Since Twitter has become a major source for news, it has undergone changes itself in how news is spread. An article found on simplyzesty.com outlines how the industry is embracing Twitter and how it has changed since it was first introduced. The article demonstrates 10 ways that Twitter has changed the way journalism works. Those include how linking to articles has become extremely popular to how Twitter has become a great place for a reporter to gather sources. The article is interesting as well as eye-opening on how reliant we have become on Twitter to get news out fast and as readers to stay as up-to-date. It is also amazing at how creative journalists become with Twitter, specifically using Twitter to conduct research for stories.

Twitter has changed the way social networks work. It has opened up many opportunities for industries, especially journalism, to grow. My advice to anyone looking at social media to stay connected to the world and news, is get a Twitter account. With this, you will be able to keep up with the news  and learn about advancements in the journalism world.

-Alicia  Mikoloyck

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